If you have a favorite jumprope, what would that favorite jumprope be?

If HBOMax is now Max maybe Apple should become App.

Socialism≠Fascism <== often untrue
Nationalism≠Socialism <== often untrue
Socialism≠Nationalism <== often untrue
Socialism≠Communism <== often untrue
Capitalism≠Socialism <== often untrue
Socialism≠Authoritarianism <== often untrue

Joke from Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me just now:
Q: "What's Ron DeSantis' drag name?"
A: "Rhonda Santis!"

Wouldn't it be awesome if Arlington public library had better hours than the rest? Better as in more. I love my little Columbia Pike library—and Shirlington and even Aurora Hills—but I'm Central Library curious and might walk there tomorrow.

Has anyone ever done the math of what would happen to all the social services that Japan and the EU if Trump had, theoretically, pulled every single NATO and USAID and et al dollars from our globally protected countries and pulled every single one of the 700+ bases, etc?

When you read primary sources and discover that Nazis didn't call themselves Nazis or Fascists but did call themselves Socialists.

The Roman salute, the Bellamy salute, the pledge of allegiance. America's got a pretty weird memory holed past, man. Dude.

>Runner's Harness allowed me to tie my blaze orange Kit Bag to my Tarahumara into a single dedicated vest.

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My walkies is being fueled by my Tarahumara Pack wich is linked to my blaze orange original kit bag full size and sun faded. Running a 3L milspec hydration bladder with Re-Lyte spiked water and I'm on my way!

Who is the feminist icon that @adam and @Johncdvorak are loving on because she's seen through the veil? I'm watching Mrs America about Phyllis Schlafly and it's awesome. So worth a watch if you've not seen the series yet.

So many new followers. You like me, you really like me!

Hell I think I'm more popular here than on abraham.su and I like that. Good morning, happy Friday, it's aloha Friday!

@chris@abraham.su @chris@noagendasocial.com I lowered my fee and so forth on @mastohost so I'll stay there but I like being here, too

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