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It’s moanday.

Support your favorite Scaly Show.

Maybe you wanna buy a pin?

Or maybe you wanna buy a shirt?!



$13 tees $16 tanks!

Wore the BTS logo shirt to the store and this prompted the very obviously nervous cashier (before they even saw the shirt) to proudly proclaim three times that they believed in the Illuminati.

“I believe in the Illuminati!”

“I believe in the Illuminati!”

“I believe in the Illuminati!”

There are tons of people out there who still think COVAD was and is real

Let love create beauty, rather than beauty create love. When intimacy from sincere attraction blossoms, a soul may light up. Warmth and love become a breeze that can shake trees that stood still for an entire life. There will be only light, energies, and bodies.

Let love be fun if it cannot be passionate. Let love be witty if it cannot be ardent. Let love be tender if it cannot be overwhelming. Love has many ways. Some are good at the beginning, and more are good farther along the journey.

In true running-with-scissors fashion, I have launched Podfriend 2.0 on

There's no doubt it still requires more time in the oven, but the current landing-page was not doing anything worthwhile anyway, and I felt like I could benefit from developing out in the open.

The old version is still accessible on - I'm going to iron out the quirks on the web version first, then release the desktop version (likely this weekend) and the mobile apps will come soon.

Walk into the venue for the call today…

New face in the company rolls up on me:

NF - “Are you Boo-Bury, Mothman of the Minneapocalypse?”

BB- “yea, nice to see you again.”

NF - “Did you get my email?”

BB - “about the 25th, yea I got it I hadn’t looked too deep into it.”

NF - “NPR wants a vax card, do you have yours?”

BB - “lol nope”

NF - “well I guess your not working the call then!”

BB - “I guess I’m not!”


@spencer one too many facebook memes got posted over there.

Still cool enough to *not* bring servers to their knees over here in spooksville

Doing a show on the Oklahoma City bombing tonight at 8pm eastern with @wholesomeolsen and @cretched!

Tune in and join the chats at

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