@Gelatinousrube @GrumpyOldNurse @furgar Wait until she finds out 10% or more of the population carries the Salmonella Typhi bacteria, and if we did testing we could instantly create an asymptomatic pandemic and panic, as long as the media played lapdogs. And if someone died we culture Salmonella Typhi from 10% of dead, even car accidents. And if we wanted to use an even shittier test like PCR, we could crank it up to be all deaths. Someday we will treat journalists as the dogs they are.

Starting today, no trucks made before 2010 can pick up goods at California ports.

40% of imported goods come through CA ports and they just banned 70,000 trucks from operating.

Last year’s supply chain issues were nothing compared to what’s coming.

On the scene for a trivia night for an unnamed intellectual property. The party did not know the answer to a question so I suggested “Epstein didn’t kill himself”. This got someone here riled up enough to exclaim “Sandy hook was a false flag” to try and one up the suggested answer.

DETAILS. Productivity increases under the waning crescent Virgo Moon and mundane tasks feel rewarding.

☉♏ ⚹ ♇♑
RENOVATE. Energy is renewed under today's S︎un-Pluto sextile, so get to work and make improvements as we enter a constructive, efficient flow.

Ultra secret Bowls With Buds tomorrow night with @fletcher 8 central only tell the most subversive ppl u know

It's a waxing gibbous Taurus Moon, good for getting shit done!

♀♏ □ ♄♒
AVOID HYPERBOLE under today's Venus-Saturn square.

☿♏ ⚼ ♃℞♓
Reasons to be a real, genuine optimist will present themselves under a Mercury-Jupiter sesquiquadrate.

♀♏ ♂℞♊
CREATIVITY ABOUND! Tap into the Venus-Mars biquintile energy and make some art.

Taylor Lorenz claims, without evidence, that her life has been destroyed.

Destroyed how?
- still has a job
- makes a lot more $$ than I have
- has a home
and so on. I guess she really hates when people do the same to her that she does to others.

☽ ♐︎  ➟ ☽♑︎
The waxing crescent moon transits from Sagittarius to Capricorn and will be VOID OF COURSE at 8:11 AM CT.

☿ ♎︎  ⚻  ♃ ℞ ♓︎
WAIT AND SEE. Under Mercury quincunx Jupiter (retrograde) today, Libra's lingering influence will have us considering all angles and feeling indecisive as the Planet of Communication prepares to enter Scorpio.

♀♏︎  ⚼  ♆℞ ♓︎
LOVE IS ILLOGICAL. Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune (retrograde) makes us sensitive to our flaws as we idealize the unattainable. Chill!

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