Damn i love 2 hr folk hour
That black label society cover was awesome.
@RustyApples @phifer


In the Morning/Grass, folkers!

Following our surprise show on the Second Sunday last week, The Sunday Morning Two Hour Folk Hour returns to our regularly scheduled time - which is coming up fast at 9am central!!

@RustyApples and I will be bring you a show with some fresh 'grass and folk, along with your requests and boosts!


Then stay tuned for @darrenoneill and the RnR Pre-show, followed by critical media analysis from No Agenda.

See ya on the stream!

In a rare occurrence, The Sunday Morning Two Hour Folk Hour will be on Thursday! That's today!
I apologize for the short notice
Tune in now to the no agenda stream for some bluegrass and folk music

There are eleven types of people in the world: those that understand Roman numerals, and those that don't

We'd like to thank everyone for tuning in to the Sunday Morning Two Hour #FolkHour and chatting, boosting and requesting along!

Special thanks to our supporters this morning:

Make sure to follow @RustyApples at his new fediverse account! ITM!

It's Sunday Morning, and we like to start it by folkin' off on the No Agenda Stream! @RustyApples and I kick it off in less than an hour at 9am CST with the Sunday Morning Two Hour Folk Hour, followed by the illustrious @darrenoneill and the RnR Pre-show at 11!
You'll want to stay tuned for the main event, NO AGENDA at 1pm CST, brought to you by @adam and @Johncdvorak

Pop the stream in your earholes all day, and we'll see you at trollroom.io!

Happy St. Patty's did ya know I married a real live leprechaun named @Laurien

@phifer @RustyApples @darrenoneill

Like taking a walk in a chill garden, normally I’d not spark up so early but I’ll make an exception this day. Mighty fine show you do.

In the morning, folkers! The times they are a-changin' but the Sunday Morning Two-Hour #FolkHour rolls on! Join @RustyApples and I in less than 30 minutes at 9am cst (new time) LIVE on the No Agenda stream. We'll be pickin' and grinnin' up until the 11am RnR Pre-Show with @darrenoneill, followed by No Agenda at 1pm cst!

Catch it all at trollroom.io or follow the SMTHFH on any nude podcast app that supports the live tag and you can stream us there in-app.

Illuminate the shadows or give them strength under the Scorpio Moon. Either way, the darkness is unavoidable.

♀♈︎ ⚹ ♂♊︎
Get creative with projects and relationships while Venus sextiles Mars today. Personal interactions may strike an inspiring chord, so reach out.

☿♓︎ ⚹ ♅♉︎
Something new will come out of the Mercury-Uranus sextile. Follow your intuition and find solutions. Break routine if possible.


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