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@Viking — this lady’s videos have been very helpful. I used to train working dogs, and her behavioral advice all seems sound to me.

Our first batch we got at a day old, directly from the hatchery, so were able to have them imprint on us. We also followed her advice about how pick up and hold them so it’s a nice experience. (Like not holding too tightly or on their back.) About 2/3 are still friendly and very easy to handle, while a 1/3 have matured to be more flighty.

@radix023 @MountainJay I think you'll get one if you ordered now....Mimi starts signing later this week.

@Johncdvorak — already downloaded a copy! Can recommend!! 👍

I’ve actually been meaning to ask you and Mimi if you might be interested in having me be a boots-on-the-ground affiliate giving out flyers at farmers markets in central Missouri this year. Lots of chicken keepers in these parts! :D

It’s been a momentous first day of spring! 13 chicks hatched so far, with more about to emerge. Eggs from our own chickens in our DIY incubator! 🥰

Hellooo People of the Internet!
The latest episode of A Walk Through the Mind is available
Today, I would like to talk about "A Candle Burned at Both Ends"
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Celebrate #BowlAfterBowl Episode 233 TONIGHT on the ⚡LIT⚡ lanes with me and @SirSpencer.

8 PM PDT / 10 PM CDT / 11 PM EDT

Tell us about the First Time YOU Ever got spanked, then tune in to find out where the poll results drove @RevCyberTrucker and the #MetalMoment. 😈

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S01E144: Nice Chucks

Wells of Lolz
BTS Publishing
A Dozen Dozen

I need you to sing Limp Bizkit with me. Nobody nukes our site better than we do! She's risen from the grave and better than ever. Robert Maxwell has not! Who was the father of America's favorite sex trafficker? He rips you off every semester… A Textbook Psychopath! After intermission, Angel-Bury unearths angels and enlightens the soul. What revelations do the bones hold?

Ten Meows Is My Limit


Two Fuck Around Fingers Deep In Your Find Out Pudding, It's ep144!!

Behind The Sch3m3s is LIVƎ tonight with @lavish @Boo_BuryMothman
730/930/1030 eastern

Leave us a Scream mail 612-263-7999

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Chat in the with the hottest bot on the net Gal!

Might as well fess up.

I broke the shit out of the website last night. It's unclear whether or not I'll be able to restore it.

What's not gonna work:
The website (f)
Any album art for chapters (f)
Transcripts (f)
Archived HTML linked in the show notes (f)

What still work:

The stream

The subtack, IRC, and, PC2.0, and mp3's are still cookin fine.

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