TOMORROW LIVE Hog Story we want to know what makes you squeemish? Leave us a voicemail 430-201-4841

"The Despair Closet."

I wish I had one at my office, but the handicap stall in the men's room will have to do.

@CarBlanez33 and I will be doing another Music, Jams, and Poetry Slams live after No Agenda on May 28th
We are inviting any musicians, artists, and/or poets to send us some of your original work so we can feature it in the show
We want to give you plenty of time to get those submissions in
You can DM us here or send them to or

You're Jeff Goldblum!

Rideshare Radio is LIVE!
Listen in at
Troll along and make requests via #lotuseffect on ZeroNode IRC or

Make sure to call 253-237-3321 and tell us what candle scent you like! Well play them LIVE @ 4pm Central on Saturday (UTC-5) when we record Episode 74 of The Lotus Effect LIVE!

John and Adam could take a full month off, if they worked to compile a comprehensive "best of series."

Best of jingles. Best of COTD. Best of donation notes. Best of "I'm gonna write that vinegar book..." #AndSuch

@CoffeeFingers Like broken mourn for what you perceived in the other person. Nothing is in a vacuum, maybe actions from one person changed the other person. Maybe not and the perception was always false.

In the case of most idols, the term "Feet of Clay" is popular for a reason.

or maybe I just need to get more sleep.😂

@Tjunta Welcome to the Round Table ⚔️ Wooo Hooo! TYFYC 🐐 🌈

from an E-mail :)

Too Many Eggs! We hope you've found some eggcellent recipes.

The hardcover copies are almost ready, we plan on shipping them out mid-April. You will receive another email once they are ready to ship, and a shipping confirmation email if you have pre-ordered a book once it ships. All preorders will be signed by the author, Mimi Smith-Dvorak, so if you haven't ordered a copy yet and would like a signed copy be sure to place an order on our website soon!

RT @sthenc
It is vital for the health of our nation that we come together and recognize this as the automotive section.

Aww @RustyApples don't be too hard on yourself, you powered through admirably and I thought it was a good show! @Boolysteed

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